Veggie Quesadillas

I was introduced to quesadillas at “Chilies”, one of my favorite joints for some tasty tex-mex food when I was working in NY way back in 2006. My room mate’s uncle had come to visit and he graciously treated the girls to lunch. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and we were talking about coloring our hair when we received this surprise invite for lunch! We unanimously accepted and rushed to the restaurant right opposite our apartment where I made friends with “Quesadillas”.  They are actually pronounced as “Quesadi-yaas” and not “laas” as most people out here say it. I have been this close to correcting those that call is “Quesa-di-laas” but then thought the better of it 😉

BTW that day I did color my hair for the first time with L’Oreal no-ammonia hair color 😀 After all the excitement we chose the color “Burgundy”, the beautiful rich color of red wine and I was sorely disappointed to find that it never showed on my hair!!! Well that was the last time  I tried hair colors but it was definitely the beginning of more quesadilla dinners 🙂

The first time I made quesadillas at home, I used authentic ingredients like corn flour tortillas. However when I made it recently I just customized it to a more desi style by using chapathis! One doesn’t find corn tortillas out here easily and it was a long walk to the nearest Nilgris store and I was in no mood to check!  Why not chapathis I thought? My quesadillas healthier by using whole wheat tortillas 😉

Our Mexican Sunday Lunch

Notice how the Quesadillas, home-made sour cream and Mexican rice have been served on a stainless steel plate?? That’s how we Iyengars roll 😉

  • Tortillas – 5-7 soft home made Chapathis.

Half-cooked ones will help, as they will roast again on the tava. This ensures that the quesadillas don’t get too crispy.

  • 1 – 1.5 cups refried beans
  • 1 cup Mixed vegetables (your choice). I used green bell peppers, Onions chopped in long slices with broccoli florets
  • Your favorite choice of shredded cheese (Mozzarella or Cheddar recommended) – I used cheddar
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Olive oil – 1 tbsp

Preparing the veggies

I assure you that this is the most simple part of this recipe

  • Heat some oil in a pan, add onions and saute till they start caramelizing
  • Add the other vegetables and some salt and pepper and continue to saute.
  • Once the vegetables have been cooked, set them aside to cool

Making the Quesadillas

  • Heat a tava and cook your chapathi a.ka tortilla in our case 🙂 
  • Remove the chapathi  (half cooked preferable) and spread the mixture of refried beans on it

  • Spread the mixed vegetables on one half of the chapathi

  • Spread some cheese on top of the vegetables

  • Close this with the other half of the chapathi. The quesadilla will should resemble a half-moon at this stage

  • Press for a few seconds so that the ends of the chapathi seal together and roast for a few seconds. Carefully turnover the quesadilla and roast the other side. You will notice that the cheese has begun to melt.

  • Transfer the quesadilla to a plate and cut into quadrants.

Serve with sour cream and tomato salsa or as in my case with Mexican rice and home made sour cream 


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  1. JananiRCC says:

    Wow lovely recipe sounds interesting.

    1. SRS says:

      Thanks!! Let me know if you try it out

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