Faux Sour Cream!

I love sour cream just like any other gal who loves chocolates, cheese and wine. I love spreading it on Mexican dishes, spicy  bread, veggie crudities and more. However I couldn’t find some good quality stuff around where I live so I came up with an alternative which is healthy in my mind and I guarantee you that this would  probably be one of the most simple concoctions that you can ever come up with and is a healthier alternative to the sour cream  with sort shelf lives that you get at the stores out here..My faux version is actually a cross between raita and sour cream 😉 What more do you need to please an Indian Palette? And since I have been referring to this in my other recipes I had to tell you how to do  it. This version can be served as a dip or as an accompaniment for mexican rice, any spicy food, quesadillas and much more as your imagination would allow….

Raita and Sour Cream hybrid: Faux Sour Cream

This is what you need to do:

  • Whip a cup of fresh thick yogurt (I use Nestle or Milk Mist) with a fork.
  • Grate some cucumber, squeeze out the water and add it to the yoghurt.

Adding the cucumber as is will make your dip runny…

  • Add some salt and pepper to taste.

Your faux sour cream is ready to serve chilled with some hot food (temperature hot or spicy hot)


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