Green, San Antonio


Ever since we relocated to San Antonio, we have always been on the look out for good places to eat on those occasional days when we feel like have something good other than home cooked food..The usual weekend joints where they serve pizzas or sandwiches are always there aren’t too many options out here especially when it comes to vegetarian food and restaurants only serve vegetarian food or even Indian food. Indian restaurants are there but are not really up to the mark and so we were pleasantly surprised when we heard of Green…a vegetarian restaurant that serves world cuisine in the middle of Texas!


French Fries
French Fries

I was especially delighted when hubby (the picky eater) declared that
the fries served here don’t have the foul smell that is usually associated with the fries that we get at other places that predominantly serve meat!

With great expectations, I was all set to enjoy my food at Greens and I have to say I wouldn’t mind eating here until I taste all the items on their menu!! The cafe like ambiance and the black boards on the walls filled with some pretty art on being vegetarian definitely adds to the aura of the place and will leave you with a feeling of wanting to go back 🙂 We have been there twice till date so my views on dining out there is pretty accurate…

Veggie art
Go Veggies!
Green - Pearl Parkway
Green – Pearl Parkway
Deluxe Nachos
Deluxe Nachos

We started with the Deluxe Nachos – tortilla chips topped with refried beans, guacamole, cheese and jalapenos baked until the cheese runs like a river! A first look at this dish would make you wonder if you have ordered a heart block! I even wondered if we should have been smart and ordered the vegan cheese (that they offered)…..But then how does it matter when you eat something like this once in a blue moon 🙂 The flavors create a wild melody in your mouth so much so that you can stop until the plate is clean. The 16 month old was happy tasting the refried beans and the guac! Please be warned that by the time you finish eating this you will be full and will end up bagging the remainder of your lunch to take back home with you 🙂

If you don’t believe the part about the river of cheese check this out:

Deluxe Nachos - Cheese River
Deluxe Nachos – Cheese River

The hubby ordered the soup of the day and on both occasions it has been some kind of lentil soup with potatoes and leeks (I think) The soup tasted wonderful but then was a bit salty for my taste! Hubby loved it and my little one didn’t mind either!

We then proceeded to tuck into the following:

Please note that these are the dishes we tasted across 2 visits! It seems like a ton of food but then it was distributed 🙂

Jalapeno Cheese Green Burger – a chick pea patty (which I definitely want to make at home) with cheddar and jalapenos sandwiched between perfectly toasted buns. This was served with a pickle and some greens….Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this tasty entrée as we got too busy eating it!

Mediterranean Bowl
Mediterranean Bowl

The Mediterranean Bowl – Falafel patties with some pecan hummus, tzatziki, black olives, kale spinach salad and vegetable like cucumbers and carrots! All of this was served on top of a whole wheat tortilla….The unique thing about
this dish was the pecan hummus – I have never had something like this before.Being familiar with hummus that has been made from chick peas, the sweet taste of the pecan hummus made for a unique taste.

A special shout goes out to the Kale salad – honestly I have never had such fresh kale before and that too in a salad form!I have been dying to make this  home and replace my meals with this awesome green spinach.  However I should say I found it difficult to eat this dish because everything was on top of the tortilla and I couldn’t tear off a piece until some of the food on top founds its way into my tummy…which seems ironic as the food would taste great when the tortilla is wrapped around the veggies and the falafel……But the great taste made up everything so I was willing to forgive this difficulty.

Quinoa Buritto
Quinoa Buritto

The Quinoa Burrito – This is a dish for health freaks! A high protein punch with quinoa tabouleh,vegetables and sprouts wrapped by a whole wheat tortilla. The sprouts gave a crunchy taste to this concoction and the restaurant went one step further and offered to include some falafel patties within the burrito….I just wish they would have told me that they would charge extra for the same 🙂

Italian Enchilada
Italian Enchilada

The Italian Enchilada – Corn tortillas filled with sautéed bell peppers, onions and spinach covered in marinara and mozzarella cheese and served with coconut cilantro rice and refried beans. The original recipe consists of
tortillas filled with mushrooms but hubby asked for these to be replaced with green bell peppers and onions! This dish gives one the feeling of eating Mexican food with an Italian flavor!

When we were done, the folks that waited on the table tried tempting us with some freshly made (vegan, I think )pastries which we refused (obviously!)

We left with the remaining part of our lunch in to go bags….and gorged on the same for dinner and the food tasted just as good!

If you are vegetarian, love world food and if you are ever in San Antonio do check out Green! They also have a separate break fast menu and loads of salads and beverages! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Apparently the creators of Green are coming up with a new line of vegetarian Burger joints called Earth Burgers!! Gosh! Can’t wait to taste those burgers!!


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