We landed at Dough after almost a year of wanting to go there! We first heard about Dough from a friend who told us that this was the place for gourmet pizzas. I checked out their website and was surprised to discover they had been featured on the Food Network on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Though it was not my most favorite show on Food Network and coupled with the fact that they did not have a kids menu (I was apprehensive about what my toddler son could eat here) we put the place on hold for an appropriate time. And when my son, still a toddler discovered his love for cheese pizzas we decided to “Dough” it out! Technically, they still did not have a kids menu, but which pizza joint wouldn’t have a cheese pizza right??? Plus, they promised authentic Neapolitan pizzas and hey! And considering that my life is not promising me a trip to Naples any time soon, the least that I wanted to do was gorge on this promised “authentic” pizza 🙂

So there we were, on a hot Saturday afternoon to sample their authentic Italian pizzas. I was quite surprised by how simple the restaurant looked from the outside. It was completely full and there were a bunch of people waiting for tables which was normal as Dough doesn’t accept reservations. They have a lot of tables outside for al fresco dining, but we preferred the air conditioned interiors. So we gave our names and waited to be called. My little one was getting hungry and started demanding for biscuits and I kept distracting with the promise of a Neapolitan cheese pizza!! Though he didn’t get what exactly I meant by “Neapolitan”, the words cheese pizza definitely did the trick. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long for a table…

Kid's Cheese Pizza! I could have eaten that :)
Kid’s Cheese Pizza! I could have eaten that 🙂

As I skeptically asked our waiter if they had a kids menu, he surprised me by saying that all young kinds get a cheese pizza – on the house!! So we requested for that right away while we worked on our orders. Noticing how antsy my son was getting, one of the pizza chefs came over with a plate full of dough for the little one to play. I thought that this was a great idea to keep little ones busy; they can play with the dough by trying o punch it and mold it and we wouldn’t have to worry if they ate a little 🙂

Flat Bread
House Bread

But my son was in no mood to play and kept asking for his “Cheese Pizza”! Soon a bread basket was placed on our table which made him happy for a few minutes.  Between the hubby and me we ordered a Buratta and a pizza. The first time I saw the words “Buratta” I was lost! Was there a pizza like this? Nope! Buratta is cheese and would make any cheese lover, like your truly very happy!

It can be best described as cheese within cheese! Stumped??? Well imagine this – you have a block of fresh mozzarella cheese shaped like a purse. You cut into it only to find that there is another variety of cheese within the purse – My happy day! I was going to eat some really expensive cheese! Oh yes! The buratta is quite pricey but then its very unique and fresh. It came to us with a topping of basil pesto and some balsamic reduction. The Buratta was perfect with their house bread and by the time we were done with this we were quite full. But then we had to eat the pizza which our waiter promised would look and taste the same as pizzas made and served at Naples.



By now, my sons cheese pizza had also arrived and he was tucking away with great gusto, while we concentrated on our pizza. I was kind of disappointed with the pizza, but then am partially to blame  because of the choice of toppings! We had asked for spinach, caramelized onions and tomatoes. It had slipped my absent minded self, that caramelized onions would be sweet and the ended up with pizza which was a bit too sweet for my taste buds! Plus most places out here never really grill the spinach on a pizza even for a few seconds before serving and I am not a fan of raw spinach on pizza….


Soon we set aside the pizza to take home, because we had to have desert. Yeah! we spotted tiramisu on the menu. The Tiramisu was just perfect and is by far the best version I have had till date.


Last but not the least, arrived our big bill! As a family we could have eaten out twice for what we paid that day. Well, I guess that’s the cost of eating at great places and am pretty sure it wont stop us from going back…maybe for some special occasion. And next time, I am definitely eating the salad that looked so fresh and promising!

If you are in San Antonio and are in a mood for some authentic Neapolitan Pizzas and don’t mind that occasional dent in your wallet – Dough is for you!!

For more details on the restaurant and their food, check:

Leaving you with more pics 🙂





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