Hi – I’m SRS and I love all things food…. Born and brought up in good old Madras that turned Chennai, I am a typical tam bram iyengar gal sans the half sarees or the orthodox methods! I just love saying that cos I hate the typical stereotypes associated with us Chennai folks 🙂  We are an interesting group of people in the family, which is composed of folks that love only typical South Indian food and some like myself that also enjoy North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian and more!! Well the last bit is mostly restricted to the second generation  and those that have either migrated away from Chennai or have traveled a bit.

Being busy in the kitchen and getting messy with process of creating time tested and new recipes is therapeutic for me. I love baking and serving food to those that enjoy good it. I love experimenting and family members need to contend with that too 😀

All my recipes are vegetarian with some rare appearances by an egg or two – but trust me when I say its extremely rare. Eggs are a typical no no at home along with mushrooms and garlic! But then I try to sneak these in when I can 😉

Most of the recipes have been perfected by my mom, MIL and grand-moms in the family! Some have been perfected by my dad (yes that is true – my dad is a marvel in the kitchen and I can’t wait to write about his masala dosai), and other family members.  Take a look as I share my experiences and recipes with you.


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  1. Sapna says:

    Hi SRS! I love your blog and I have nominated you for the REALITY Blog Award!

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